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Are you and your friends looking for something interesting and new to try in Great Bend? If so, you've come to the right place! Axe throwing is the perfect night outing for family and friend fun. Enjoy a relaxing night of axe throwing or be the most competitive one out there all while enjoying a beer.

Hatchet Axtion is a locally owned new business in downtown Great Bend who is all about bringing new and exciting things to central Kansas. We love our community and wanted to provide a fun and safe environment to bring family and friends together.

Seeking a fresh spot to savor a cold beer? Your search ends here! Bring the family along, indulge in a beer, and revel in free outdoor games such as cornhole and water pong for a fun-filled time.

Our axe throwing range is located in the heart of central Kansas at 1210 Main Street Great Bend. Stop and check us out anytime!


30 Min


60 Min


90 Min


Email or call us to chat about any questions or concerns that you, your friends, or family may have.

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